An Rp/Dark souls fanart blog, I DO NOT CARE IF YOU USE MY ART, just link it back to me and send me a note so I can geek out about it. Just don't go selling it or something

Sometimes I do requests, try your luck.

Dusk was the quirky princess of Oolacile but managed to unleash the abyss on it. Now she is a weirdo living in dark root garden. Her grandma is a mushroom. and her sidekick little mushroom is named Clemetine.


evariia asked
Why is that song you linked with your picture so amazing? I've been listening to it all day. I think it may very well be my new favorite thing.

It is awesome, thank trashtalkingtophat for directing me to it. 


I got stuck on Ornstein and Smough a few months ago and I made this to commemorate the occasion.


I got stuck on Ornstein and Smough a few months ago and I made this to commemorate the occasion.



was going to add pockets and details but arrrgh this picture was simply to frustrating

where did all my patience go?

still livestreaming

going to draw ornstein

drawing my dark souls 2 characters

spoilers: has dark souls 2 starting armor that is all

Anonymous asked
someone wasn't bothering you, were they?

The threads just sort of stagnated and to be honest I do not think I like writing shippy plots as much as I like reading them and that seemed to be all I was writing. A combination of this and me just running out of steam.

Not sure if this is a permanent hiatus  or a temporary one. If it is permanent I will probably revamp this blog as an art blog and keep drawing DS stuff but leave out the RP element or at least tone it down. 

….and I just got dark souls 2 so that is another reason I am not as active. 

captain-eye-brows asked
You stopped doing rp's and such? D:

on hiatus, just not feeling it. 

will probably still post the occasional picture if I ever finish dark souls 2

…and bug ppl on anon. 


watermelon and potato chips, the lunch of champions

Anonymous asked
Do you have a personal blog?


should i make one? i seem to be getting this a lot lately…


This is my favourite book now. Its never leaving me.